Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cause of pain is always within

Whenever we feel pain, we search for its cause outside.
But Actually the cause of pain is always within. See how! 

Whenever we feel any pain,

We blame someone or some situation for our pain, but actually this is not true.

We see that different people react differently to the same situation. 
This is because they take the situation differently.

Similarly, when we are peaceful from within, things around hardly affect us.
On the contrary, when there is lot of explosive stuffed within due to some internal unrest, a small particle of unwanted event can explode us and we experience enormous pain. In fact the unwanted event works as a trigger to shoot the feeling of pain that is stuffed within us.

So, we must realize that pain is never outside. It is within and we need to look within to handle it and heal it.

If we accept ourselves as we are, 
If we accept all out so called mistakes as something natural and human 
If we accept that what we cannot or do not get,
Is not because someone is doing injustice on us, 
But because we need to improve something within us, 
If we start working on those shortcomings within with open mind, 
Nothing can cause pain to us!

Just try it!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Handling Summer Monster

Summer acts like a monster especially when the electric supply gets disconnected during summer.

To handle summer heat monster, drink lots of water, ideally, place a slice of cucumber and a slice of lemon in a bottle of water, let it stay in the bottle as you keep adding water to the bottle when empty.
These two slices immersed in water will help you maintain internal kool whemever you drink water from that bottle.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


We always get what we search for in life.

If we focus on what we do not have, we will always have scarcity.

If we focus on sorrows we have, our life will be full of sorrows.

If we focus on relationships we have lost, we will have only broken relations


If we do the reverse, see what can happen...

If we focus on what we have, we will always have abundance.

If we focus on happiness we have, our life will be full of happiness.

If we focus on relationships we have got, we will have only healthy relations

So, develop a habit to focus on the brighter side of every experience.


Dear friends,

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Monday, January 23, 2017

On 26th January 2017,


199/B Angulimaal society, Kannamwar Nagar 2, Vikhroli east,

Reiki 1
training will be provided at just
3000 rupees
when the original fees is rupees 6000/-

Reiki 2
training will be provided at just
6000 rupees
when the original fees is rupees12000/-

Reiki 3
training will be provided at just
9000 rupees
when the original fees is rupees 18000/-

The class duration for each level will be from 1 to 4 pm.

To register, one has to call 9820044254 or 9167178372

and register by depositing the fees to the paytm account of 9820044254